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We are experts in building websites and mobile apps by using the latest and most modern technologies in the industry.


We have a bunch of convenient services that will fit any of your needs and interests.

Website & Mobile Development

We provide quality front-end and back-end services that are flexible for any of your business needs.
We cater our technologies for our clients and projects, but are best known for our work in HTML, CSS, Angular, Ionic, and the larger JavaScript ecosystem.

Branding, Marketing &
UI / UX Design

Capture your brand, improve your conversion rates, and maximize your revenue to help grow your business and achieve your goals.
Optimize your business journey by setting yourself apart from the rest of the competition.

Customized Solutions

Build a custom solution for your business from the ground up. From design to integration to maintenance, we offer solutions for any industry regardless of scale or complexity.


Here's some of our work that you can check out.

Award Winning
Asahi Project
Asahi - Advertising Campaign

Award winning campaign for Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. created for AD Venture Competition 2022. The work includes creative ideas following brand guidelines and the client's brief.

The concept of the Ikigai is the search, and through it, the discovery of the thing you love most, the thing you are best at, the thing you have to be paid for, and the thing the world needs. Whether it's a profession, passion or dedication - the most important trick is to never stop seeking.

Premiere Pro
After Effects
Clothing Store Project
Clothing Store Web App

An easy to use but powerful admin interface for all types of e-commerce platforms. Features include management of inventory, adding categories, colors, availability, assigning prices and discounts. Product images are resized and optimized for both desktop and mobile. The app is fast and responsive on all devices.

Modular Houses Project
Modular Houses Web App

Business website for Modular House manufacturing. All texts and images are customizable and can be changed from Prismic CMS. Includes multiple languages and SEO optimization.

Prismic CMS
Van Systems Project
Van Systems - Interior Design Web App

A minimalist portfolio website for an interior design company. Includes branding, design, gallery, services section and a contact form.

Typescript / js
PlanEat Project
PlanEat - Branding, Advertising & App UI / UX

Awareness campaign for climate change in Bulgaria. The problem we chose to deal with was food waste. Our solution was an app which tracks the expiration dates of the products in your fridge. When they are close to the expiration date it gives you a reminder and a recipe so you can prevent food waste.

Obsidian Project
Obsidian - Branding & Advertising

Launch campaign for Black Ice Cream infused with whiskey and almonds. The brand's beliefs - Escaping the stereotype, Urban culture and Night lifestyle.

Because of our target group, we wanted to escape the traditional/often used ways of advertising. The teaser campaign is called "Who will be the black sheep". In this context the black sheep symbolizes the alternative and punk society in Bulgaria.

The Reveal campaign presents our ice cream as the "Black sheep of the party", because it mirrors our customers.

Pizza Puzzle Project
Pizza Puzzle - Branding & Advertising

The concept for this launch campaign is that everybody can be a chef. You can select the type of pizza you want and it would be ready for the least amount of time.

This work includes branding, advertising, mascot concept design, branding materials and how the restaurant would look like in a real setting.

After Effects


See why we think we are the perfect fit to taking your business to the next level!


No one wants to start from scratch after they've spent money and countless hours into their project, only to find out it doesn't meet their expectations. We build products that stand the test of time and won't have to be rebuilt every couple of years due to changing requirements.

Award winning in-house designer

Having a unique brand and design will make you stand out from the rest. Our designer is an Ad Venture Competition 2022 Champion who will help you in creating a custom and unique design that will fit your needs.

Long-term support

We have the abilities and resources to support your projects long-term. Whether it's adding new functionality or changing small details, we will always be available to do the job.

Modern technologies

We are using only the most modern standards and technologies to develop all of our projects so you can be assured that the best practices are used for your application. This will impact its performance, maintainability, lower the costs, improve the security and accelerate the production time.

Friendly and passionate

With us you will be entering a friendly and passionate environment. We will be available if you're looking for help or suggestions on improving and changing your business logic. We want to build a relationship with our customers and that means helping them with everything we can so they can succeed.


Feel free to contact us anytime and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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